Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a day brings

We never know what a day will bring.
Yesterday in our neighborhood three people were accidentally burned and flown off in a rescue helicopter. Police cars, ambulances, and a crowd of concerned neighbors gathered around their house.
They were getting the outside BBQ grill ready and had problems - just preparing for a nice meal outside on a beautiful late summer evening.

Our days are full of surprises. We never know what a day will be like. We can plan and prepare. We can have a schedule and stick to the chores and agenda on our list. Still, everything can happen. Sometimes difficulties and disappointments. Other times wonderful surprises and joyful changes to our rigid structure.
Life is made that way. We would dry up if we had sunshine every day. We also need the rain to grow strong and learn how to dig our roots into the ground so that we may stand strong when winds come and take hold of us.

I was so tired of chores and responsibilities last night that I sat and cried at the dinner table. A good nights sleep has helped and also remembering that there is progress when I get things done.

I believe it's important to find time for the sweet things in life. Everyone is different that way, but I need to put pleasant and uplifting things on my daily agenda in order to function. Yesterday I told Arnfinn that if I had a lot of money I would fly us over to Toronto and watch a Barbara Streisand concert this fall. First he told me that something like that was not important for our salvation, but when he saw the look on my face, he added with the smile that only he can portray: "I said something wrong now, did,t I?" And added that he would gladly go with me if I had had the money to do something like that.
Oh, well. It was a nice thought anyway. I will enjoy my Barbara-CDs for now.

Arnfinn and I pray for our neighbors that they will be alright. There is much to be grateful for in every day.

Today's water color shows children at play on a wonderful summer's day.


  1. Ja, hvordan forbereder vi oss på det som kommer?
    Uansett så Barbara Streisand i Toronto hørtes som en herlig ide!

  2. Skulle gjerne ha hørt en Barabara-konsert en gang. Utrolig stemme og dame!