Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paint for your life!

I am trying to paint the house in between other chores these days. Every time Arnfinn says its time to paint the house again I want to say: "Didn't we do that last year?"

It amazes me how old carvings from the viking age still have some color in the corners of the stone engravings. How can that be? They actually used blood in their paint.

But Norway has mostly wooden houses that need a coat of paint every few years. Ours is no exception.  One of my problems today is that someone (read Arnfinn) ran over the double ladder with the car and the pieces won't fit together anymore. Makes it difficult to climb up to the highest areas to paint.

One summer, a few years ago Arnfinn and I painted 5 houses! Five! We painted the Duck and Cherry + garage, the cabin in the mountains, in addition to his parent's house + garage. I was all painted out by the time summer had ended and hoped it would be forever until the next painting project. But alas new ones have come and gone since then. Maintenance is important and necessary.

Sofie, our 18-year old spent two days painting last week, bless her heart, and I am so grateful for her speedy and thorough work.

I would like to paint - meaning sitting by the table and creating new scenery, fairies, lighthouses, and chicken with my water color brushes. But that will have to wait till after the Duck and Cherry is primed for winter.

Today's water color is called "Margit the Painting Girl".

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