Sunday, August 19, 2012


Arnfinn and I visited the Sahara Desert a few years ago. We were dressed in Bedouin outfits and helped up on a desert ship each (read camel) and guided into the miles and miles of sandy hills. The sun came up and gave a golden glow to the landscape and greeted a new day.
I could not help myself, the theatrical Heidi took over, and I lay down on the sand stretching my arm out as if I was thirsting to death.

What a blessing water is - clean, pure water. We are lucky to be able to drink from the tap where we live - and it even tastes great. I have lived places where water must be purchased in bottles or boiled if used for cooking and drinking.
In Okinawa we had water every other day for about a year. I learned to be very grateful for water and treating it with respect became natural. Now I don't take long showers and I don't let the water run as I brush my teeth. I simply don't want to waste the precious gift of water.

I believe we often hunger and thirst for other things than water and food. Many times we don't know what we hunger and thirst for. And even though we may try extreme sports or adrenaline kicking activities, an inner peace and contentment may be the solution to our spiritual thirst.

Photo: When Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, runs, he gets very thirsty and a water faucet by Alby is his goal.

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