Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rain and Books

Went walking last night in the rain. I love it! Hector doesn't mind getting wet at all and happily jumps in puddles and lets the wind take hold of his bushy whiskers and thick woolen coat.

I love the feel of wind and rain on my face. The freshness of the air makes me happy to be alive and grateful that I can be outside and enjoy.

Arnfinn and I visited Thailand a few years back. It rained every afternoon. But it really did not matter as the temperature was pleasant even if we were wet. We are after all rainproof and dry up rather quickly.
But I must say it did not sprinkle down in gentle sequences. It poured down and flooded the open sewer canal next to the street. We almost had to wade through pieces of toilet paper. I remember getting back up to the hotel room and steeping into the bath tub with my sandals on to wash both shoes and feet.

Another thing - as it was raining yesterday I did not have to paint the house (which is still an ongoing project). I had the excuse to tidy our new library room instead. And boy, am I happy about that today. The room is now really nice. We love books and can sit in there and study and look up information the old-fashioned way.

Problem is ...the house ...the paint job still needs to be finished.

Funny photo today of our last Wheaten Terrier called Choice. She liked being dressed up. Well, she was a girl. Here she is wearing a raincoat from EuroDisney, posing as if that's the natural thing to wear for a little dog.

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