Monday, August 27, 2012

Tenor Music in my Heart

A few years ago one of the neighbors played music so loudly that we could hear it indoors at the Duck and Cherry. I could tell which song he played and almost sing along. Fun if you love the song. Maybe annoying if it's music you don't like.

I cannot remember anymore which songs he played and for the most part I found it amusing at the time.
Music is truly an amazing thing. It lifts the heart and brightens the day. Certain songs bring back memories to where you were and what you did when you first heard a song. It can make you happy, make you want to move, and also get you into a corner of contemplation and afterthought.

But we all have favorites. I love tenor music. I truly, really do!! Ever since I was a teenager I have enjoyed the sound of beautiful tenor voices. My favorite back then was Mario Lanza. I loved listening to my LP, even in college.

Today my favorites are The Canadian Tenors. Boy, they make me proud to be a Canadian. Well, I was born in Canada and lived my first years there and part of my family is still there.
These boys sing so that I gesticulate and cheer while I'm listening in my car. They sing so that I gladly let the CD play over and over again.

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