Monday, August 6, 2012

Sofa-sitting predicament

Many of us are sofa-sitters! We sit in our own houses and mind our own business.
I tend to be a hermit at heart and thoroughly enjoy being alone with Hector and Poppy and work on chores and projects around the house and garden.

But I have learned that in order to have good close friends we need to nurture and feed friendship. We need to take time for each other and play together.

Every Monday night Arnfinn and I get our calendars out and compare notes; like who needs the car when, who has extra meetings during the week etc. But we also like to plan time for friends. Yes, it takes a little time and effort sometimes, but leisure time with good friends is important.

It can be as simple as walking the dogs together one evening to dressing up for a murder-mystery dinner. But take the time and skip a Friday night before the TV set to spend time with someone. We need each other. Good friends are an investment!

Today's photos are of Hector welcoming people from the window at the cabin of a campsite in Sweden this summer and a the crew of a murder-mystery party we held last year.(PS Morten's cigar is a fake!)


  1. Det var en kjempegøy venneaften med mordmiddag!

  2. Så morsomt, ikke sant? Vi må leke mer.