Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Place your bet!

Arnfinn and I make bets from time to time. Not on horses! Not on lotteries! We compete to see who's right about weird and trivial things. The winner gets treated to a nice dinner out.
We've done this for years and it's been quite enjoyable. We have bet on everything from does Tonje have a perm or naturally curly hair to which lane do I use to turn right under the bridge in Moss. Or what about where is Waterloo? I very embarrassingly lost that one.

Arnfinn has tried to cheat me too. One time he tried to make a bet on the outcome of a football match that had already been played! What a trickster! He knew beforehand! That's stooping pretty low.

I would say we are about half and half on winning these bets and we've enjoyed a few fine meals out.
McDonald's has also been one of them.

We have one pending bet. I don't know if we will ever finish it. It has to do with one of the roundabouts in town. How many cars blink on their way out and how many don't. We can never agree on which roundabout and which turn off to use for the statistic. Yes. that would make a significant difference which one we would choose to count cars.

So, a couple of days ago we were watching soccer on TV. An Italian player was called Diamanti and Arnfinn placed a bet: "Neil Diamond - is that his real name or an artist's name?"
I went for real name - he chose artist's name.

Yesterday I looked it up and lo and behold, I was right.

E-mails between myself and my love went like this:

"Ha ha ha ha I win!"
"Hm, what about the middle name? His name is in fact Neil Leslie Diamond."

Oh, no, Arnfinn! That one I win. Get ready to take me out to a nice restaurant. I will put on a pretty dress.

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