Wednesday, July 4, 2012

White Legs Anyone?

It is summer. Off with the pantyhose! On with the....EASY SUN (Norwegian site)
I have inherited my father's incredibly (incredible?) white legs! You almost need sunglasses to look at me in the summer time.
Sun tanning? Well, yes, that might help. But, first of all, Norway has had few warm days so far this summer. Secondly, I do not like sun tanning. It's so boring! Besides, I don't want to look like a prune in a few years.

So I cheat. Easy Sun is a self-tanning towelette. It takes a few seconds to glide the towelette on my legs from the knee and down, two-three hours before the color sets in - and then voila! I have a little color on my legs for the next three days. It's so easy.

The Easy Sun that I use can be found in stores and online. No parabens, no perfume! And it's from MedicaNord.


  1. Self tan is the greatest invention of all time ;) Much better for the skin than tanning the original way.

  2. Yes, they are great. Easy and fast and no wasting time sun tanning.