Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What does it really mean to measure up?

To fulfill expectations and standards; to try your best to reach a certain level; to be as good as your neighbor;
These things are in other words to measure up.
Whose standards and what expectations are we really talking about? Who decides when I measure up and when I don't? Are we our owns toughest judge or do we let others lay down the laws of measurement and only idly watch as standards are set in stone.

I went with Linnea to try on summer clothes at the store yesterday - and come to think of it, when I look in the mirror I have measured up lately. My measurements are definitely up, and I would like to measure down again.

Comparing ourselves to others and how they measure up can be encouraging at times - maybe help push us up and forward - but we have to be careful. Every person is an individual with talents, personality traits and also strengths and weaknesses. 
Why should I compare my acting ability to Meryl Streep's? Or my painting ability to Leonardo da Vinci's?
If I do the best I can with what God has given me - then I have measured up, and it's reason enough to celebrate and be happy! I will always love watching Meryl's films and looking at Leonardo's work of art anyway.

If I could only stay away from chocolate long enough to measure down, that would be a good thing!

Today's art is an oil painting called "Daniel in the Lion's Den".

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