Monday, June 25, 2012

My House is a Mess!

Go crazy, I dare you! My house is a mess! We are changing around a few rooms and cleaning out the basement all at the same time. Help! My house is a battle field and I am in the middle feeling tired and a little frustrated.
But I have hope; hope that it will improve; hope that my house will be more livable; maybe acquire more chi at The Duck and Cherry.
I cannot believe how much junk sits in my basement. There are boxes there that I have forgotten all about; even things that I don’t know how got down there in the first place. A little creepy. Either I am forgetful or someone else is using my basement as storage space.

Poor Hector tiptoes in between boxes and junk in the hallway. Fortunately he has become a wonderful dog who does not eat everything he finds on the floor including shoes and furniture. Boy, was that ever a hopeless stage! I wondered how long we would have to put the shoes on the hat rack. I guess the goal he has for 2012 on out refrigerator door - saying that he will not chew on everything he finds –seriously, at least most of the time. We’re not 100% there yet, I have chased him around the house a few times today already.
But I promise – making a mess my way is a means to making it all tidy and nice in the end.
I have hope. Maybe a little chocolate will give me the incentive to keep going. Imagining how nice it will be after we finish is a great thing to look forward to.

Today's water color is from northern Norway and hangs in Arnfinn's office.

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