Monday, June 4, 2012

Dogs in bags and boxes

As I was out driving this morning, a lady and her two children were riding their bicycles down the road. The woman carried a backpack on her back, and when I looked closer - a small dog's head (Chihuahua?) poked out of the top of the pack. Some dogs are small enough for that.
I had a Papillon, called Teddy, growing up. I would put him in the pocket on my college sweater or in a purse if I was going somewhere. He was tiny, but size did not matter to him when he met other larger dogs. He would still boss them around and show them who was in charge.
Our neighbor has Shetland Sheepdogs (one at a time). They look like miniature Collies. He used to have a box on the back of his moped, and placed the dog in there whenever he had errands in town. I never really saw him without his dog and he was well known around here as the man with the dog on his moped. Now he has a small electrical car and the dog can ride comfortably inside the car with him.
My Teddy would sit in a basket on the front of my bike when I was a teenager. He was really quite good at sitting still there, enjoying the ride - except one time when he jumped out as I was driving down a steep hill. He hung dangling by his neck on his leash, but fortunately did not get hurt, and was reeled in and placed safely back in the basket.
I remember cross-country skiing in the mountains at our cabin with our last dog Choice. She enjoyed coming along and always faithfully waited for me whenever I slowed down and did not keep up. Going fast downhill, Arnfinn would pick her up and carry her.
Today's water color is called "With Trofast", Trofast being a dog's name, meaning faithful.
Photography of Choice outside the cabin in wintertime.

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