Monday, June 18, 2012

Babies are worth our time!

Three grand babies spent the weekend at the Duck and Cherry. I got to crawl around and play with cars, my little pony, and built farms with animals, food, and tractors. It didn't matter that house- and garden chores, writing, and other tasks had to be put on hold. It's important to treasure the moments with those that we love the most.

As I fed the youngest baby porridge from a little pink bowl the other day, I had grandpa Arnfinn on my left and her 16 month older brother on the right, both wanting to share her supper with her. One spoon for grandpa, one for Sienna, and one for Scott. The little girl has to learn to share already!

Life flies! One day working on a project might be important, the next day spending the day with a grandchild or two - or five! Finding a balance to everyday life may be tricky, but it's an ever-going learning development and can be both entertaining and frustrating.
We all have friends who - in our eyes - either seem to spend a lot of leisure time doing nothing, and those who can put 17 more tasks into a day than anyone else. But who are we to judge? Besides we all have the same amount of hours every day and each person must pick their own battles - each person knows their own limits -and their own triumphant strengths.

So now that 9 months old Dean is still at the Duck and Cherry for a few more days, I gladly embrace him in the morning, with his fat little bare feet, droopy diaper after sleeping long, and a small MP3 player with Taylor Swift singing away hanging in a cord around his neck - that little techno-baby - so that his parents can rest a few minutes longer.

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  1. Nydelig, alt annet blekner i forhold til det å ta seg tid til de små barna!