Saturday, February 11, 2012

Realizing dreams

When I grew up my father had many dreams. He was wonderful, very artistic, full of ideas and an understanding of how to make something out of anything.
When the sun set in beautiful colors, he would dream about his childhood town of Tromsø, thinking the sunset was probably lovelier there. On light July evenings he wished for the never setting sun of the Tromsø summers, fishing on the fiords and eating sour cream porridge at 01:00 am with family and friends. We would drive up in the summers. The ride took us several days, but he would make even the long trip fun.

Now I have a husband whose dreams are about skiing at our cabin. He longs for the open mountain areas that are white and quiet, drinking hot chocolate along the way and skiing, skiing, skiing.
Today is such a day. February is showing itself from a perfect angle, white and wintry, sunshine, bird's singing and melting snow trickling from the roof, making it sound like spring.
He talks about how great it must be up at the cabin today.
I love my husband for being soft hearted enough to dream and adventurous enough to do something about it. The Duck and Cherry will do very well today. Arnfinn will have his wish fulfilled another day.

Today's water color is a view from the living room in our cabin.

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