Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Movie buff

Movies - do you watch them to learn something useful, to feel good, to understand more about a subject or for pure entertainment?
I have always loved movies, ever since watching "The Wizard of Oz" as a little girl. My goodness, it was so scary, but very exciting, and in colors!

I am not locked in a "certain kind of movie" code. I enjoy an exciting adventure, a thrilling detective story, a deep felt drama, a happy comedy, a joyous musical, and a period piece. To me a horror movie is a waste of my time, and if it's too Sci-Fi, I get bored.
But there is something to learn from any genre of movies. I often come home from the theater more in love with my husband, more willing to walk an extra mile, more determined to do more for my neighbors. I feel it's up to me to pick and choose what I want to learn from a film, and I always learn something. To me that's exciting, it's progress.
That said, there's a limit for what is watchable and what to avoid. It's OK to turn off a movie, it's OK to throw a DVD in the trash. Not everything is allowed into the movie file in my head.

Today's art is a drawing I did for an article I wrote for a genealogical magazine last year.

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