Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A garden to love

It's spring!!!! But as I look out the windows on the rays of sunlight hitting the herbal garden newly emerged from the cover of winter's snow and ice here at The Duck and Cherry, I realize.....I can not really see out my windows. They are so dirty!
Tomorrow! Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow. Today I write.
I love it when spring fastens its grip on my garden, but it also means I have added a category to my to-do list today. The one called: The garden! Spring and summer means extra hours spent weeding and planting.
I love a beautiful garden, but feel I'm not very good at gardening. My attempt on adding "a gardener" to my wish list every birthday and Christmas for years now, has not paid off yet. Fortunately I have a husband who has built a great garden wall, but there's a few other things to do in a garden.
Our neighbors on the street spend from now-and-then-time on their garden to the diligent everyday tending. I am somewhere in between.
A nice thing about warmer days, is that the neighbors come out of their houses and we see them more often. It's nice to chat over the fence or between the hedge bushes.

I would like to take a trip to England and look at some of the beautiful show gardens there. But for now I will set myself a goal to spend time in mine this summer.

Today's photo is from my front step a few years ago, to encourage me to get excited about weeding and such.

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