Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring can come!

Do you have a favorite season of the year?
Summer is wonderful, isn't it? Warm and colorful, don't have to put on layers of clothes just to get the newspaper in the morning. Evenings and nights (at least here in this country) are light, fragrant and beautiful.

Autumn is a time I feel especially creative. I love walking in piles of leaves, bringing some home to put on my table, making plans, harvesting, Thanksgiving.

Winter is so serene and inside-cuddly. No dirty paws, no weeding, no mowing the lawn (though shoveling snow takes up time too!) - and Christmas and skiing at the cabin.

But my favorite season is spring. It is the anticipation of things to come, the sound of melting snow, the birds chirping in the early morning hours. And when tiny buds of wild spring flowers pop up between yellowish grass and snow, I always wish I could bring one home to show my mamma. It is as if the child in me returns.

I am excited for spring to come. That feeling has arrived outside the Duck and Cherry and the birds are singing in the trees already. Arnfinn is terrified that the snow will melt and his skis put away for many, many months.

Today's water color is a spring fairy, sewing seeds(she makes it look so easy, flying above the ground).

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