Monday, June 3, 2013

Circles and Dust Bunnies

When my children were little I felt like we ran around the house in circles all day long. They threw things around, I picked them up. They threw more things, I picked up . . .

Obviously, life goes around in circles.
So it is with cleaning the house. Take the dishes for instance. How long after you do the dishes does someone pile more dirty dishes in the sink?
Which brings me to dust bunnies. Are they considered pets? If you see one, do you let it go? Does it softly glide across the floor, gathering volume like a snowball rolling down the hill? Or are you really strict, ordering it out of you life and home forever?
If you find one under the couch, behind a book, to the right of a pencil chewed up by the dog, then by all means don't feed it. Bunnies multiply rapidly. You don't want them taking over your house.

Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, has communicated with me for almost three years now. I feed him. He has grown a lot. I let him run around the house unlike the dust bunnies that I gather up and let outside.
In many instances I can tell what he says. Like this morning, when he howled to let me know he would like another doggie treat.

Hector, "howling sound"
Me, "I hear you. We can have one more treat each. That's all. You get a doggie biscuit, I get  piece of dark chocolate."

He was very satisfied with that decision and has now put his head down behind my chair for a morning nap. And I thought I was clever keeping my chocolate away from my writing space so that I have to walk a little ways to fetch each piece, until someone told me, "You ought to put your chocolate upstairs, so that you have exercise up and down the stairs every time you want a piece.

I'll have to think about that one.

Today's water color are two children's pictures.

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