Monday, June 17, 2013

Optimism Rules

When my girls were little I would ask them, "Would you like to wear the pink or the blue dress today?" Meaning, whichever they chose they would be wearing a dress but still have the feeling of choice.

Today I ask myself, "Heidi, do you want to do that chore, or that one, or maybe that one first?"
I thought I just heard myself answer, "I think I'll just write my blog first, thank you."

As a person who has to have fun things on the to-do list, chocolate bribes and prizes on the counter, and a pat-myself-on-the-back attitude, normal days become my favorite days. Are you someone who needs to add fun things between the daily chores or can you go, go, go without encouragement. I even went as far as to send myself an e-mail one day, telling myself I was doing great. Made me happy to receive it and read it - and believe in it. And I have written a list of complements the love of my life has given me that I can take out on rainy days and be encouraged. Anything to keep moving forward, all good and uplifting tricks allowed.

My mother grew up without complements, nevertheless managed to become the most loving and optimistic person I have ever known. She saw the good part in people and was always there to encourage and buoy us up. She would say, "You catch more flies with sugar that you do with vinegar." Another expression was I think it's getting brighter, looking out the window at rainy clouds and a grey atmosphere. She always thought she could see an improvement out there and that the sun was just around the corner.

Today my children will say, "I think it's getting brighter." They smile and remember a grandmother who loved them . . . just loved them.

Today's water color is a summer fairy called Othilie.

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