Friday, May 31, 2013

Despotism, Anarchy, or Free Will

I don't like to be forced.
I don't like to be pushed into something.
I don't like being pressured into an involuntary situation.

Many places in this world are ruled by tyrants and despots. The inhabitants of these areas don't only have rules and regulations which are necessary to keep order; they are not influenced and guided; they are forced and manipulated.

I don't like anarchy either. Laws of the country are necessary for order and balance. Guidelines and instructions in a work place, an organization, and even in a home are there for our safety. Religious commandments work the same way, they keep us dedicated and safe.

So what do I like?

I am all for free agency.
I like the words freedomchoice, and free will.

Our 4 yo munchkin, Emma, weighs only a few pounds but has the will of ten strong bulls. You don't pick her on the nose. When she says, "I will what I will" - we listen. We may smile a little, but we hear what she is saying.

Being able to choose is a gift. Learning about consequences is important. There are obvious oppositions in all things in this world. Without that, how could we learn to choose right from wrong? How could we know when we have made a wrong choice?

Little Red Ridinghood's scary experience with wondering why her grandmother had such large ears, eyes, and mouth seem ridiculous and obvious as we read the fairy tale. She must have seen that it was a wolf and not the grandmother, but think about it; making choices in real life is not always that easy, is it?

One thing I do though, I force myself outside my comfort zone. It is so uncomfortable, so difficult, but sometimes necessary for growth and learning. Besides, it's me forcing . . . well, myself, and I know I may change my mind if I want to.

Today's water color is a peaceful nature picture.

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