Monday, June 24, 2013


A great prophet said, "Obedience is essential to our salvation."

The great test of this life is obedience. Does the word give you thoughts of progress and success or does it make you feel tied down?

Personally, I believe obedience is a virtue worth striving for and worth cherishing. I have seen people achieve wonderful things in life because of obedience. I have seen them be happier because they made good choices and listened to wise advice.

I practice obedience with Hector, the Wheaten terrier, every day. He is clever and enjoys the exercises, especially when he is rewarded with little dry dog biscuits. But that's alright, isn't it? Rewards are a good thing. A pat on the back, a nice, uplifting word, a note, a smile, a hug--in my book they are welcoming gestures.

Being obedient can feel safe, it can shelter
you from problems, protect you. The fourth commandment, which admonishes us to honor our father and mother promises good things to those who adhere to the solemn words presented by a God who cares for his people. Wisdom comes with age and experience. Parents have lived longer, understand consequences better, love us to pieces.

I have cheered when my children have made good choices, been happy when they were obedient, loved them when they understood important matters, rejoiced when they progressed in wisdom and knowledge.
Life is long day in school. Sunshine and rain walk hand in hand.

I am basically obedient. Basically. There are probably days when I want to stick my tongue out and turn to run the other way. But I know that being obedient has protected me many times in my life.

Today's water colors are three lighthouses--also a protection;
1) fantasy 2) Landegode, Norway 3) Split Rock, Minnesota, USA.

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