Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Duck and Cherry Inn

When I was little, my father packed my mother and me into the car and drove all over Scandinavia during the light summer days. The beautiful Norwegian nature, the smell of summer blossoms, the sun that never set, fishing in the steaming northern fjords, the cool streams of water and lakes in the mountains are collected memories that still fill my senses and make me wish I could relive those days with my parents.

My father took time; time to stop the car to throw skipping stones in a clear, still lake, time to pet goats, and time to stop for sour cream porridge or meat cakes at small cafés.
Norway  had narrow, windy roads (to some extent it is still like that in many places) and always a little red house by the roadside. I counted VW bugs to pass the time.
One of my greatest fears was that he would stop to spend the night at a house with a sign that read: Room for rent! For some reason, I believed a place like that triggered murders and mysterious, scary happenings. After teasing me about it, we always ended up at a proper motel or cottage for the night, and I was grateful and satisfied.

Now when I travel with the love of my life, I enjoy Bed & Breakfasts. I find them cozy and quaint. I like talking with the owners and eating their home cooked meals. I like the small town feel and often nostalgic old-fashioned decor. For instance, if you're in a place like Stratford-Upon-Avon, the home of the distinguished author William Shakespeare, wouldn't you agree that a Bed & Breakfast sounds more intriguing than a modern hotel?

Recently, Arnfinn has started calling our home the Duck and Cherry Inn. He must have noticed all the guests and family members who spend the night here and eat with us. He loves it. "Sure, there's room," he'll say. "That's nice. Let them come."
I love him for it. What is life if not to spend time with loved ones and good friends? If there's not enough dinner to go around, there's always bread and food storage items to supplement. No need to starve or be turned away.

Today's photos are of my parents. The little girl with ice cream is moi.

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