Thursday, March 7, 2013


How much sleep do you need?
Does every person need the same amount of hours dosing and dreaming every night or is it an individual thing?

Sleep like a baby? That's an expression to take to heart. How many of us can sleep like a baby, oblivious to everything around us, and just rest.

I am blessed with good sleeping rhythm. I am so grateful for that. I need my sleep. I don't function at all without it.Who can? I admire those who manage to stay friendly and get a grip of daily activities with a constant lack of sleep.

Still, when morning comes, My eyelids slowly open a narrow slit and let the morning light say hello. After a few minutes of calculating which day it is and giving thanks for another day, I stumble out of bed--aches and pains here and there--and start the regularity of morning. I have responsibilities, work, and chores that need to be fulfilled, no matter how clumsy my hands are and no matter how many walls I bump into. Besides sometimes I am totally tired from dreaming!

So today--even though this is not really my problem--I will share with you what not to do when Mr. Sandman peeks his head around the corner, but never dares to meet you eye to eye. (from Today)

  • ·         Eat a large meal or drink lots of fluids right before bed.
  • ·         When you can’t sleep, just lie there and suffer.
  • ·         Try to sleep somewhere that is too cold, too warm, or too noisy.
  • ·         Take prolonged naps.
  • ·         Use your bedroom as a stimulating multipurpose room.
  • ·         Enjoy an alcoholic drink, cup of coffee, or cigarette just prior to bed (coming from someone who never drinks alcohol or coffee, nor smokes)
  • ·         When you get busy, just sleep less.
  • ·         Stay active until the moment you hop into bed.
  • ·         Exercise before bed.
  • ·         Vary your sleep time from one day to the next.
  • ·         Don't feed cat before you go to bed (meows until you feed him).
  • ·         Feed cat before you go to bed (barfs from highest spot in house).
  • ·         Don't close lid to piano (at 2am, he'll walk across it playing the scariest death song ever).

Doesn't sound too hard, does it? Especially since we don't even have a cat.

Today's water color is a sleeping fairy. It always reminds me of Tiffany.

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