Friday, March 15, 2013

What's in Your Pocket?

When Tiffany was little she wanted pockets on all her clothing. I sewed pants and skirts, all with pockets for her to safe-guard and carry around her collection of treasures (usually stones).

I like doing the laundry. It may sound strange, but it's actually one of the household chores I enjoy. I announced to my family that I would not empty pockets, they would have to take on that responsibility themselves. I thought I was teaching them a lesson, but in the long run I have suffered from that decision.

I have washed little children's pants after a berry-picking outing and had blueberries all over. I have had new material ruined by streaks of melted crayons. I have more than once had my washing machine stop because of various small items cluttering the filter. I have washed Kleenex tissues, bobby pins, coins, and snack wrappers, to name a few.

I still believe it's everybody else's responsibility to empty their pockets before putting it in the laundry pile. The result will be very clean pocket items.

What do you have in your pocket?
I always carry a pen and a piece of paper. I almost go into hysterics if I don't have the tools to write down ideas when I'm out walking, at the grocery store, or on a trip. I also need Kleenex, dog treats, and a reflector on a string, that I can flip out when I'm out walking the dog on dark evenings.

Arnfinn's pockets are ruined by sharp keys, Tiffany's pants always sagged with the weight of all the small rocks she carried around. Still - are pockets important?

I ran a health food store for seven years and noticed many differences between men and women across the counter.
I would ask,"Would you like the receipt?"
Female customer: "Yes, please. I like to keep track of my purchases and need it in case security checks my bags."
Male customer: "No, I don't need that."
I then asked, "Would you like a bag?"
Female customer: "Yes, please. I need it in case security checks my bags."
Male customer: "No, I'll just put it in my pocket."

This happened all the time. All the time.
Men are definitely in need of large pockets. What if they bought a beach ball?

Today's water color: Wild rosehip blossoms on a birch, a common sight around here in summertime.

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