Monday, March 18, 2013

Arab Alarm Clock

When Anya was ready to start school I wondered how on earth I could get her to school on time. My experience with early morning hours and Anya did not really happen--not even in the same sentence.
So I bought her a large wind-up alarm clock--PINK--as pink was what it was all about. It was loud, very loud.

Today I tend to use the alarm function my cell phone. It's accurate, I can change sound and even melodies and it's always with me.
I changed the sound the other day. I now get to wake up to a rooster crowing. I was hoping it would make me feel good, that in the country feel, and cheer me up (as needs be in the early am).

But not this morning. I wake up to the phone ringing. I look at the time. It's a little after 5 am. What in the world? Who can be calling at this hour? Is someone sick? Does anyone in our large family have a problem?

On the line of incoming calls on my cell an ever-so-long number appears and below it the words: United Arab Emirates.

OK. My mind is still halfway in dreamland. My eyes are barely open. Do I know anyone in the United Arab Emirates? Are any of our friends there on vacation? Before I think, I answer. "Hello, hello."
On the line I hear a man's voice in English, "Hello, hello, hello . . ."

I decide, I really have no idea who that is. And if an oil sheik or someone wants to invest in my talent, he can call me at a time when I am awake.

So I hang up.

He calls again. I finally turn off the sound and drift off to sleep.

So whoever was calling--Abdul or Faruq--or whatever his name was, I wish him a good day and suggest he check the time of day for the country he calls.

Today's water color: I haven't really painted much Arab scenery. This is the closest I get.

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