Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Writer's Thing

A few signs of being a writer is when you:

  • Gesticulate when no one else is in the room
  • have fictitious conversations with yourself
  • put on facial expressions of villains and heroes
  • frown when interrupted
  • stare into the walls, wandering eyes looking around the room, not really looking at anything at all as you are not really "there"
  • bring pen and paper when the dog reminds you it's time for a walk
  • wish you didn't have to cook dinner
  • pull out chairs to put papers on because the table is full already
  • driving to the grocery store is a brutal realization of being brought back into the true world--whatever that is
  • bring your writing stuff on vacation--you might have an extra minute here and there--and what if brilliant ideas and conversations pop up in your head
  • you feel you can relate to having multiple personalities
  • you feel good doing what you love

Today's water color is a castle. Who lived there? What happened? Love story, family drama, fairy tale beasts, or a murder?

It's all up to you if you write the story.

I love to write.
I have to write.