Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Claim Your Right

Are we in a position to claim certain rights in this world?

As a person who hardly ever asks for help as I suffer from the "do self" syndrome, I embark on journeys and projects that I have never tried before and have no experience with. All with varying results, of course.
Nevertheless, I believe there are times and even grounds for claiming rewards.

This morning I blocked Arnfinn as he climbed the stairs.
"Road toll," I claimed.
He could not pass until I had received a proper toll - a kiss.
Standing up for our rights is important and good. A kiss was granted me on the stairs.

By paying taxes, we may claim many privileges and rights in the country we live in.
Working produces wages and payment and we can claim an estate by inheritance, claim credit for an idea, claim responsibility for a certain action, and claim authorship of a novel.

We can claim respect, but only if we have earned it.
We can make a claim - even a false claim, if we are not trustworthy.

A claim is simply a demand for something due.
Even in the scriptures we can read how we can rightfully claim many privileges and blessings if we do our part.

Seems to me that in order to claim, I have to do something in return.
Claiming would be wrong and selfish if I was not willing to give.

All claims must be in writing.
So there you have it!

Today's water color is called "Kvila" - a place to rest.

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