Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn's Splendor

Autumn was my dear mother's favorite season. I understand her. Once I give in and admit that summer is passé, I get into the fall mode and thoroughly enjoy the crisp air, the colors, and the beauty of nature.

Arnfinn and I spent a few days at our cabin last week. We brought work there and spent a few hours working each day and a few hours for lovely walks in the amazing autumn splendor.

I would like to share a few of the photos from our trip.

Hector was his usual mud-loving dog and turned into the not so wheaten-colored Terrier. Fortunately, he was smart enough (or obedient enough to our commands) to take a bath afterwards in a small mountain lake. I was reminded that we love hearts more than the outside of both people and animals.

My immediate reaction was: "Arnfinn, that dog is sleeping in your bed tonight!" Even though Hector gets really dirty when he decides to lie down in puddles of mud on our walks, we have to laugh at him. He's such a mud-puppy. Anyway, it washes off.

I wish all people on the earth could experience a walk in the mountains at any season of the year. God's nature seems to unfold up there and feelings of thankfulness and joy come easily.

For some reason, I always feel more creative in the fall. Is it the colors, the leaves swirling around, the darker evenings and cooler weather, the candlelight and hot chocolate? I'm not sure. It's just observations of how it is.

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