Monday, October 22, 2012

Mimmi and Bestefar are open.

Anya came by with the children Saturday morning. I invited them over for eggs and bacon - a hearty breakfast - though Anya called it lunch since Scott had been up since 04:30 am. It's hard that transition from taking naps during the day to lasting until evening without falling asleep in the car on the way home from the grocery store or dipping a sleepy head onto the dinner plate. Scott had fallen asleep much too early the day before.

I think he was worried that he had to go to preschool, because when they approached our house he firmly told his mother: "Preschool is closed. Mimmi (grandma) and Bestefar (grandpa) are open!"

I am so happy that he considers us, his grandparents, open. I would like the Duck and Cherry to always be open to these wonderful grandchildren. More than that I want our hearts to always be open to them. They are our sunbeams and joy.

My parents had an open house and open hearts, always welcoming people to come and visit and stay for a day or a month or more. They fed their visitors, listened and cared. They were always open.

In our lives there are things we open up to and others that we close the door for. I tend to shut out people I do not trust. Life is too short to spend on occasions and people that are out to get you. Choose the  good part. Choose the uplifting and positive.

Today's water color shows a little girl in an open door.

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