Monday, October 29, 2012


The trailer for the new James Bond movie had an interesting word in it. The villain asks 007 what his hobby is and he answers resurrection.
Resurrection is a very religious word in my head, thoughts of Christianity and beliefs come to mind.
Renaissance, rebirth, renewal are synonyms.

Some evenings when I go to bed , I am so glad the day is done. I am happy to go to sleep and be finished with that day and look forward to a new day. Kind of a resurrection, isn't it?

The day misspent, 
the love misplaced,
has inside it
the seed of redemption.
Nothing is exempt
from resurrection. 

Kay Ryan

I have always loved the age of renaissance, the art, the time in history, the rebirth of ideas.
Not always easy in everyday life to think of rebirth of ideas. I struggle with questions like: What on earth should I make for dinner? I try to ask Arnfinn now and then of he has ideas or wishes, but he usually throws the ball back in my courtyard.

What to make today? I have no idea yet, but I hope it will come to me soon so that I can be prepared when I go Monday shopping with my girls.

Hector is very good at resurrection. Every morning he is just as energetic. Me today - (breathing out) - very tired from a busy weekend. Could need some energy rebirth today, then maybe get tickets for the new James Bond movie.

Today's water color is called "Black Swan".

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