Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Calendar Pursuit

I have a thing for calendars.

When my children were little and finally snoozed off in their beds, I got out my calendar and could sit for the longest time looking at days and dates, planning and dreaming of things to do.

Today I ordered three. Three calendars? How much planning am I intending to do over the next few months?

This is it. I have a kitchen calendar for all my everyday planning, then another one goes in the office, then the third was just a pretty one that I thought would be inspirational throughout the next year. I am not even sure where to hang that one yet.

But besides all the inspirational and pretty stuff, a calendar is very useful. I have one on my cell phone too - but it's practical - a word that sounds dull to me.

Every Monday evening Arnfinn and I get out our calendars and plan the week. He sits with his laptop. I go and get my pretty kitchen calendar, which this year is The Warmth of Home by Deb Strain.

I have gone through many calendar over the years with paintings of Swedish artist Carl Larsson, American Folk Artist Will Moses, Donald Zolan, and many more. Some pictures I have used after the end of the year, and the calendars with all the appointments and activities throughout the year are great for referring to when updating my personal journal.

I often say: "If it's not on my calendar, it will not get done!" I'm dependant on a helpmate in remembering all the week's fun things to do. We all have a system for how we function in everyday life. A small book in my purse is not for me. Everything on my laptop is still not enough. I want it to be pretty as well, and will continue scribbling on my beautiful and inspirational kitchen calendar.

It's storming and raining outside. Proper autumn weather. Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, has gone into his cage voluntarily and is resting on his warm blanket. I have put 17th of November on my kitchen calendar for the next art exhibition. I will present new fairies, lighthouses, and much more then.

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