Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Efharisto. Thank you, in Greek. It is pronounced "f har eesto" with the accent on the third syllable.

Greek - Romanization - English
Eυχαριστώ. Efharisto. Thank you.

Manners are a must when traveling and a little bit of language knowledge can go a long way.

I just spent a week in Rhodes, Greece - I was working.
Huh? Working on a paradisaical island with sunshine every day, 28 Celsius in the beautiful blue ocean, and Greek food for dinner every day? Yes, indeed. Lucky me!

I thought about our son in law, Michael, throughout the week. He spent two years as a missionary in Greece and speaks the language fluently. It's a beautiful language, soft to listen to. Michael was the only one who received gifts as I returned, as I thought he would appreciate it the most. A bottle of good extra virgin olive oil and some Greek Ion chocolate. He was very excited and I was thrilled that the bottle of olive oil, wrapped in clothes and a zillion plastic bags, made it home without marinating all my belongings in the suitcase.

But now I am so happy to be back at the Duck and Cherry. Home is the best place in the world. I returned to a cheerful Wheaten Terrier and a husband who thinks life is boring when I am not there to talk his ears off. I returned to find Sean and his family had come to spend a few days and I got to play with one year old little Dean. Again, lucky me!

Efharisto! I am grateful for so many good things in life.

Today's water color speaks for itself. Take time to make good memories.

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