Saturday, March 22, 2014

There's Always Room For Munchkins

A friend of our says that his grandchildren are the desserts of life.
He is right. There is something exceptional about being a grandparent, a joyous feeling of just belonging to wonderful little munchkins.

This week the announcement came on a little video clip featuring our munchkin Dean, 2 1/2 years old, "Mamma has a baby in her belly."

Grandchild number eight is on its way. Another wonder of wonders will happen in September. Arnfinn and I already have hearts filled to the brim with gratitude and love for our munchkins, but still, miraculously, there will be enough space for more.

We are not just parents anymore. We are older, wiser, almost pre-historic, and we can spoil these munchkins--give them cookies--and hand them back to their loving parents with a smile when the day is done.

We have found that giving our children munchkin baby-sitting including two tickets to a movie or a munchkin week-end retreat at the Duck and Cherry have become more valuable as a gift than a book or a perfume.

Today I am in northern Norway, flew up today. I am with Dean, while Arnfinn is back home babysitting three other little sibling munchkins. We are blessed.

Today's water color is one I made for Dean. It hangs in his play corner.


  1. Like koselig å være tante :) De har masse morsomt å si.

  2. Ikke bare har dere vakre og flotte barnebarn, de er særdeles kloke og - det vises i deres valg av besteforeldre :-) Kos deg masse i nord ! Hilsen Yndlingsniesa ;-)

    1. Dette var moro, jeg klarte ikke bare å kommentere, jeg beviste også at jeg ikke er en robot - og nå må jeg bevise det en gang til :-)

  3. So sweet, gratulerer!