Monday, March 31, 2014

Fooled Ya!

April Fools . . .tomorrow.
Every year I plan to play a practical joke on the love of my life. Every year he gets tricked.
Am I mean? No, not really. For a truth-telling, honest, and all round nice girl, I get to trick him once a year. And that I intend to do.

I must admit I pulled it a little too far one time. Making him sad or too worried is not really my goal, but sure, that can happen if the practical joke is serious enough.

April Fool's Day is not a national holiday, but still it is celebrated in many countries every year. Many companies have executed hoaxes that have been time-consuming to plan and costly for their budget. Newspapers have headlines that are totally wrong. Even the news on TV can not be trusted this day.

Origins may go back to Roman times and Chaucer wrote about trickery on that date in his Canterbury Tales in 1392. But I am sure people started playing jokes on each other long before that, just not with a legitimate date celebrated every year.

One of my favorite practical jokes in Norway happened many years ago. The national news announced that wine would be sold cheap by the bucket from the liqueur stores. People lined up with cans, buckets, and everything they could carry in hopes to buy their alcohol cheap. I am not a drinker  myself, but seeing gullible citizens lined up, eager to get their share, was funny.

So what will I do tomorrow? Time will tell. Shhhh.

Today's art is a collage of a jester I made as a teenager. It was an assignment when I studied art at the university.

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  1. Du er flink til å finne på hverdagsmorrro. Er litt spent på hva du narret mannen din med da?