Monday, March 17, 2014

Matriarchs and Choices

An Irish proverb for the 17th of March - St. Patrick's Day:

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. -Irish Proverb

In other words, we have to do our own thing in this life, make our own path, choose our battles wisely, give of our time, and love those around us.

Most things that will make us grow--be it in personality or stature--cannot be delegated, nor handed over to someone else. We need to take responsibility for our choices, our actions, our paths.

There are days when I wish I was a child again. A young girl with little responsibility, few worries, and innocent dreams and fears. Safely under my mother's wing and my father's all-seeing eye, I grew up feeling safe and loved.

Now I am the matriarch of our family. 
Responsibility, worries, dreams, and fears are still there, only deeper and there are more of them. But I can also choose to use the backpack my mother and father gave me. A backpack full of cherished moments spent with wise and loving parents. 

Just like a piece of beautiful material can be transformed into a lovely dress, a blank sheet of paper can receive the words to a magical fairy tale, and a white canvas can turn into a wondrous painting admired by all who see it, so can this day with its clean slate be a good day - no matter what happens - it can have good in it.

Today's water color is aclled "On y va!"
Let's go!