Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Magic Wands and Brooms

I would have more time on my hands for fun projects and special activities if I had only had a magic wand and a flying broom.

I have one broom--two, in fact--two brooms that look a little like flying brooms, although not quite as fancy as Potter's Nimbus. I have written about the advantages of having a magic broom before in blog entries Petition for flying Brooms and Witch of the Reier Forest. I am still hoping that God will grant me a flying-a-broom lesson one day, and I still keep reading, studying, and writing about witch hunting. I find it fascinating, interesting, and scary.

Book number two is currently being written on my fancy little laptop, articles are sketched out for a historical magazine--in other words, the projects are lining up every day. So what's wrong with wishing for a magic wand? With a swish of my hand I could point the wand at the bathroom, laundry basket, floors, boxes of things, and voila! I could continue writing, and my house would magically be cleaned and organized.

Maybe for now I should just train Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, to help out with the household chores. He spends a lot of time sleeping.

Christmas is coming up in a couple of months. On my wish list still--a magic wand, a broom, and a gardener!

Photo today is the weather witch on top of the garage here at the Duck and Cherry.


  1. Så spennende med alt skrivearbeidet du holder på med. Du skriver jo så godt også. Jeg er helt for å innføre en tryllestav som kan brukes på alle kjedelige ruitinearbeid i hjemmet, samt en gressklipper som går av seg selv, og en person som trener for meg, og .. det tar litt av her!

  2. Jeg ønsker meg veldig en gartner. Det har jeg gjort i mange år. Skulle gjerne hatt en fortryllende vakker hage uten å bruke hele dagen på det.