Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween on a Windy Day

It's Halloween in the land of Norway.

Outside the noisy wind is grabbing hold of branches and tree trunks, swinging them from side to side, making spooky sounds, creaking and howling. Leaves dance wildly around in the air, aimlessly hurrying to who knows where.The birds have taken shelter today. Porcupines, badgers, deers, rodents--all the animals in the forest here by the Duck and Cherry are hiding, trying to find a dry spot to rest.

I am in the Broom Closet - or home office, or favorite room. Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, is sleeping on the floor next to my feet. I am surrounded by things that make me happy: my art supplies, books to read, books to learn from, my own manuscripts, baskets with ideas, notes with things to do, inspirational pictures and things from my childhood, fairy pictures, Amish bonnets, my Scriptures.

I may be strange, but I love hearing the storm outside and seeing the rain come down from darkened skies. It fills me with imaginative ideas. I
t creates feelings of gratefulness for the warmth of a good home.

On my wall hangs a large witch's hat. It hangs there all year, not only for Halloween. I also have a couple of brooms in the corner, waiting for me to learn how to ride them.
But tonight--tonight--I will let them earn their keep. Dressing up for the children who come trick or treating is always fun. And if I go outside I need to hold on to that hat.

Happy Halloween to everyone. Be safe and be glad.

Today's photo is of one of my Halloween decorations.