Friday, October 11, 2013

Come Rain or Shine

I am an advocate for preparedness.

Not an expert, by far, not hysterical about doomsday prepping, nor being prepared both with supplies and military tactics to be the last living person on earth. Why would I want to be the last person running around in the fields? What's the point in that?

But being prepared is nevertheless vital and necessary. A food- and water storage, extra clothes, blankets, soap, candles etc. should be part of every household. Learning how to sprout seeds, to sew, and old-fashioned knowledge like canning can come in handy and prove to be life-saving one day.

We have all seen how quickly the shelves in grocery stores are emptied come a transportation strike or a climate disaster. Or what if our income has a set-back for a period of time? Preparedness can keep our family fed.

Deseret News article featuring National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers", tells about emergency preparedness at its extreme. Mark Rappleye writes that "Homegrown carrots are the sharpest weapons Kathy has." Doomsday Preppers is now on television, showing preparedness at the ultimate extremity. For some it is an everyday, ongoing thing - preparing for the unknown.

Preparedness varies in different parts of the world. Some places struggle with times of extreme heat and high humidity, others experience climate changes with cold-weather conditions that will kill.

I have lived in areas of both types of climates and know how harsh the weather can be and how it takes lives, especially of the elderly, but also animals.

On the light side, are there things you believe you cannot live without?

I like having ice cream in the freezer--just in case . . .
I like having extra eggs in the refrigerator, as they can used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.
I like having pen and paper in my pocket at all times in case I get a revolutionary great idea.
I like having the people I love most within hugging distance.

Preparing in advance is maybe not such a bad idea. William Shakespeare said, "To be prepared for everything, is everything."

Smart guy.

Today's water colors are of two lighthouses, standing steadfast in both storms and on sunny days.

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