Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bears and Pink Grandmothers

Babysitting munchkins a lot lately, happy me. What is better than snuggling with a warm, little two-year-old or discuss important matters with the older sibling?

We sat in the car yesterday and I told two of them about a dream I had just had. Scott said, "Mimmi, can you tell me about the dream I had about a dangerous bear?"

He always has the most interesting angles and ideas.

So I asked, "Well, was it a black bear or a brown one?"



So I told him about his dream until the little two-year old princess added, ". . .and about the pink grandmother who ate a banana."

Very interesting.

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Fantasy is under construction and keeps building our entire life.
Dig it out. Let it loose. Let it flow.
To have our thoughts and vision expanded by a conversation with a young child is a blessing. It encourages our creativity and resourcefulness, which by the time we are adults sometimes goes into hibernation--maybe never to wake up again.
I am fortunate--and grateful-- to come from a line of imaginative folks (sometimes imaginary), where playfulness and creativity have been encouraged and allowed to develop.

Today I have chosen two water colors; one of a house, like from a dream and the other of a castle, the kind we dream of living in.


  1. Herlig! Hvem ønsker seg ikke en rosa bestemor som spiser banan.

  2. Jeg ble så overrasket. Først han som ville jeg skulle fortelle hans drøm og så kommer det bakfra i barnesetet den setningen. De er så morsomme.