Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Very well, with certain exceptions.

Very well, with certain exceptions.

Where is this quote from? Actually from a school report when Arnfinn was a child. I can just imagine that blonde little cutie being a good pupil and behaving well, though not always.
His teacher told Arnfinn's mother that if she could get Arnfinn on her side, she had the whole class in her hand. Oh, the power of a child.

When my mother was young she was forced to write with her right hand. Being left-handed too, I can understand how difficult that would be. The most unfair statement appeared on her school report: "Solveig writes badly." No one ever explained that she was actually left-handed.
Sometimes teachers can be insensitive.

I remember some of my teachers; the one who said she would smear the chewing gum in our hair if she saw us chewing in class; the one who said he would personally eat our lunch if we took it out during class; the one  who took my ball away during recess and never returned it when I showed it to him.

But I also have fond memories of the one who painstakingly read Les Miserable for us during class; the one who appreciated my love of languages; the ones who helped me learn and enjoy the development.

Being a teacher can in fact be a holy calling--if we magnify it and take it to heart. In a way we are all teachers  every day. We teach each other, we are examples for good and bad, and create experiences and opportunities for growth and knowledge.

I feel I still learn every day. My life is an ongoing process of personal growth. Both good and not so good days are a part of the school of life. Flowers need rain to blossom.  Trees need wind and dry days to stretch their roots far into the ground. I have learned much from the hardships I have experienced.

Teaching No Greater Call is an excellent resource book for teaching, especially in church related classes.

Today's water color is a fairy being taught by a wise owl.

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