Friday, February 8, 2013

A Blessed Winter 's Day

January has come and gone and already we notice here in the land of the north that the mornings are lighter and the birds are starting to sing in the tree tops--that's even including the crow that loudly announced his presence as I walked with Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, past one of the large trees around the Duck and Cherry. You would think it had young ones to protect, but it's a little too early for that still. It was just loud.

In fact the crow or jackdaw, is the emblem of Moss town. We have quite a few of them living around here. Must have been like that before also. I like them, except when they tease my dog.

This week Linnea added another entry to her blog Pursuit of Elephants. She talks about how because of a small budget as newlyweds they must limit their traveling. They have decided to bring the world into their home by cooking a new meal from a foreign country every week.

I have never posted recipes here. I don' profess to be an amazing cook in any way. But my children are still alive and my husband and I have a high count of antioxidants (see blog Me and Dr. Oz) so I am doing OK, I guess. But for a culinary confession I can tell you that this time of year one of my favorite foods is a steaming hot soup full of colorful vegetables, rich broth, good herbs, and maybe some chicken or turkey if I have some available. It's a winner every time, goes down easily, and is even healthy. Add homemade rolls with a dash of real butter to that and I am in heaven.

So today is a blog praising winter on a normal, cozy day around here. Photos of Hector taking a nap on the front porch, tulips in the house to brighten my day, two funny love birds, and our beloved home and the view from the back side of the house.

Winter is quiet, serene, and beautiful.

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