Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines and Humor

Humor is a life-saver and help in a home.
I have found it's so much easier to get past sour moments and misunderstanding by injecting a little fun into the situation and not take myself so seriously.
Is it easy? No, not always.
Is it a worthwhile to try? Definitely.
It can absolutely help dry tears and allow good feelings to flow back into the relationship.

A friend of mine bought 50 pairs of socks for her husband. Well, he wanted more socks, preferably the same color, so that it would be easier to match them.
She hung 50 small packages in a tree and on Christmas he had to wade through the snow and climb the tree to pick the parcels off the branches.
He did not think it was funny at the time. But we as bystanders found it hilarious.

So often a ridiculous situation turns into a good story later--one that we can tell in good company and laugh about.

Today on FB, a Finnish friend wrote, "I dig friends."
A few minutes later her husband replied, "Just need to remember where they are buried."

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.
Today's water color means a lot to me. It is a reminder of the days my husband courted me.

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