Thursday, January 31, 2013

Me and Dr Oz

I had my antioxidant-level checked yesterday. You may have seen Dr. Oz on Oprah presenting a whole audience with different colored T-shirts, showing their level of antioxidants. I was not on that show . . . but Michaela measured me with a Biophotonic Scanner right here in our dining room at the Duck and Cherry.
Dr Oz's level is higher than mine, but I was pleased with the result.

Well, I was thinking, since my antioxidant-level was quite high, all the dark chocolate I eat must be paying off! Working with health foods for seven years has been a great help in knowing which supplements we should take in our home. I am grateful for that. Besides, I need to keep up with our clever children who know much more about healthy living than what I did at their age.

As a personal confession, I have come to the conclusion that I am at an age where it is alright to wisely spend a little time and money on a healthy, happy body. I want my munchkins and children to enjoy their mimmi a while longer.

There are fun ways of exercising for a person like me who does not thrive in the gym. And running is not my thing either. I am married to a man who in spite of his age and short legs can outrun most people we know--young or old. He is amazing that way.
So what to do in everyday life to keep a body moving?
Stairs were planned in the design when building the Duck and Cherry 18 years ago, so that I had to run up and down many times a day. Dancing is fun, and now Zumba. Walking Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, is great for both exercise and fresh air. Then there's the occasional skiing in winter and hiking or riding my bike in the summer. Still, I feel like my friends who regularly visit the local gyms are much better than me.
For the time being I am happy with where I'm at. That must count for something?

There are more ways to exercise. In this easy-techno world I like to learn phone numbers by heart. Just pushing buttons does not work the brain as much as memorizing names and numbers.
Then there's exercising talents. One of my favorites is painting.

Today's water colors are randomly chosen; a detail from a fantasy lighthouse painting, an American bald eagle, and Landegode Lighthouse by Bodø, Norway.

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