Friday, January 18, 2013

The Lion in My Dream

Like many of you, I have the strangest dreams. Maybe I shouldn't predict that you all have weird dreams, too - I am just guessing.

The other night I dreamed that Arnfinn and I drove around in our neighborhood in a large white van. I stopped the car and opened up the back door. Inside I had a large lion, the size of a tiger, really. It was big.
I had it on a leash and it jumped out ready to go for a walk.
The lion was strong, rambunctious, and prone to eating small dogs strolling along with their owners.
I tried to explain to Arnfinn that it might be a good idea to get rid of the lion and have a smaller dog instead, one that wouldn't eat other's pets or almost tear off my arm with it's strength.

But Arnfinn wouldn't hear of it. "No," he said. "We are keeping the lion."

Often when I wake up, I analyze my dreams. Many dreams are easy to understand, especially the kind about insecurity or fear.

This dream I don't really understand. Do any of you readers get it? I am often pulled along by a strong Hector, though his thick woolen coat is different from that of a lion. I am stricter with Hector than Arnfinn is. Maybe these are some elements.

Another night I dreamed that Sean and I were in the back of a van with a large ferocious lion, but I was not afraid. Hmmm. Very strange.

Today's art are three oil paintings I did in the eighties.

1. Daniel in the Lion's Den
2. Lamb and Lion (Peace)
3. Millenium (Tiffany with animals)

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