Saturday, August 16, 2014

It may Surprise You Why I like Four-Leaf Clovers

Summer around here will have fields of clover, humming bumble bees, and fluttering butterflies.

Why am I fascinated with the four-leaf clover? The answer may surprise you. I am not looking for a lucky charm, nor an addition to my bouquet of wild flowers to put in a glass vase on the dining room table.

What I love about it, is that  something that is actually a mutant or gene anomaly, is known as a bringer of luck, a positive good-doer.

So how to find one? You have probably scanned fields, country road ditches, and back yards as a child, looking for the lucky plant. The fun in bringing it back to show your  mother, maybe pressing and drying it to keep for years, maybe forever.

They are actually not as difficult to find as one may think. I have found many. Just this summer I found the specimen on the photograph shown on this blog. I bent down to look for one, and lo and behold, there it was, right away.

Four-leaf clovers are mostly found in patches of white clover, genuine mutants are where the red clover grows. Don't let the 1 in 10 000 number discourage you. It's totally possible to find one or more.

Hope - Faith - Love - Luck.
You guessed right. Those are the symbolic blessings of the four petals.

But traditionally, there are many blessings connected to the four-leaf clover, as it will bring you luck in love, games, sports, war, and business.

Put it in your wallet and it will bring you economic posterity.
Put it in your shoe to help you find the way.
Have a four-leaf clover in your pocket when you look for fairies (Medieval times).
It will be a power to protect against evil and bad omens.
You may carry one for magical protection and to help ward off bad luck (Druids in old Ireland).
Bring one along as a lucky charm (Celtics).
Present one as a wedding gift to bless a young couple's union; it is a symbol of eternal love (Ancient Egypt).

And if you are eager to marry -
If a young woman desires marriage, she should go looking for a four-leaf, clover. If she is lucky enough to find one, she should eat it. Then, the first man she meets after eating it - he's the one!
Another lucky trick is to put the four-leaf clover in your shoe in the morning and you will soon thereafter meet the one you should marry.

There are also divine symbols to the plant, as well as the tradition that its magical powers will turn on you if you don't respect it, if you give it away, or throw it out.

It's not only among the emerald green hills of Ireland that you may find a four-leaf clover. Although, they claim to have more than anywhere else. Clovers are found in many areas.
So get down on your knees, peruse the area, and see how lucky you get.

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