Friday, August 8, 2014

A Mowgli in Our Midst

Mowgli is the protagonist of Rudyard Kipling's fictional story, The Jungle Book. During a tiger attack in his small village, Mowgli is lost. His parents' are unable to find him, not knowing that their son is alive and well and being brought up by wolves in the Indian jungle. The energetic little boy is called Mowgli the Frog by his adoptive wolf parents because of his his lack of fur and problems sitting still.

The story has fascinated us through decades. Mowgli first appears in a story collection in 1893 and The Jungle Book was introduced a year later.The happy, carefree child who lives and speaks with animals and understands their ways is a fun, adventurous story. It was introduced on stage already in 1899 and has been been filmatized several times. Many of us remember the Disney classic from 1967, a joyful, colorful musical version, enjoyed by both young and old.

We have a little guy in our family that I occasionally, but lovingly, call Mowgli. He is approaching his third birthday, but already has a way with animals that many adults could envy him. His mother brought him horseback riding before he could walk, lets him play with farm animals and teaches him how to treat any animal with respect. He has always had dogs as his siblings. Sometimes he puts his plate of food on the floor next to the dogs' and even pours his drink into a bowl and laps it up. Walking was on all fours until he went to visit his cousins and saw them up on two legs.

He may be found around the house training one of the dogs all on his own. He plays fetch, encourages, and praises the dog for being obedient.

But what I especially like, is how gentle and self-confident he is around animals. He treats them as equals, laughs with them, plays with them and simply loves them. It's a joy to watch.

Horrible as it is to hear of animal cruelty, I wish we as humans could treat animals as God's creations, and learn to respect and honor them for their purpose in life. As Arnfinn and I hiked the wild mountain terrain above our cabin yesterday, we discussed what we would do if we met a brown bear on our way. In my mind, I wished we could say hello and then walk in opposite directions, both respecting the other. I have seen this in a photo. A fisherman and a great bear on either side of a river, both out to fish for food, both resp
ecting the other.

One day. One day it will be like that. That day I will cuddle those big furry animals. For now, my grandson and I will enjoy animals--at home or at a distance.

Today's photo: beautiful little munchkin, Dean.


  1. For et koselig bilde av Dean. Ha en fin helg!

  2. Takk, Kajsa. Han er så forsiktig med den lille frosken.

  3. Takk, TilFedrene. Bildet er tatt i sommer på markedet på Oak Hill i Rygge. Ja, han er en fin liten kar.