Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wild & Crazy

What do you think about when you hear the expression "wild and crazy"?

A few weeks ago our munchkin, Scott, a handsome 3 year old who loves Cars and pirates and often has a serious, thinking expression on his face, told his mother, "I am being wild and crazy. I am not going to go to sleep." She was tucking him in, ready to kiss him goodnight, but he had other plans.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this expression is a scene from the original Footloose movie. The parson's daughter, played by Lori Singer, has an urge to be wild and crazy and not slumber away in their little Midwestern town. One day she goes for a ride with friends, climbs on top of two cars--one leg on each--and stands there with her arms up in the air, while the two cars side by side race down a country road. Wild and crazy? It's insane.

Any person can be wild and crazy in their own right. Wearing pink on a Wednesday when you usually always wear dark colors. Eating a banana split when you're on a diet. Giving away your last two dollars with no plans for the next day. Going on vacation to a foreign country with a small back pack and no hotel reservations or plans. Going grocery shopping wearing a bumble bee costume.

I have done several of the above--and survived. Life should be fun and a little wild and crazy from time to time. Or most of the time. It does not have to mean doing anything wrong. It can be something that makes you smile and think, "Hey, life is good."

Today's photo: Hypnotizing our bird. Looks like he's just wondering what on earth I'm up to.

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