Monday, July 15, 2013

I Would Rather Be Camping With a Dog than a Bear


Does the word bring you happy childhood memories or despair?

I think of sunny days and rainy days. Hot tents or sometimes wet puddles in the corner of the tent. I think of mosquitoes, fresh air, and birdsong. Ice cream (if camping is on a camp ground with a kiosk) and easy cooking. I have had small tents where you have to get dress lying down. We have stayed in campers and also small cabins with electricity.

Last year Arnfinn wanted to camp in the mountain above our cabin. Right before we went up to the cabin we heard on the news about a bear in the area. I refused to sleep outside in a little tent with no other protection than a dog and a husband without a gun. Maybe another year--when the bear is moving around somewhere else.

Camping with Hector, the Wheaten Terrier, is a little more work than without a dog. He is great at night, keeps watch, listens for sounds of anyone getting near our area. He keeps track of any dogs walking by, sleeps right next to us on the floor and is a great heater to cuddle if we get cold at night.

But even though he is a mud puddle king and loves to wade up to his stomach and play in the water, he is not fond of swimming. It's getting to the point that when we went for a swim this morning we had to leave him behind. He seems to think Arnfinn is drowning. He grabs his arm and tries to pull him back. He makes a lot of noise and bystanders can easily misunderstand and think we have a loud, boisterous dog.

All in all, I like camping. We do it every summer. I have already booked our space for next year.

Photos from trips to the mountain. No bears in sight.

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