Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Procrastination My Foot

Yes, I know. My poor, dear readers haven't heard from me for several weeks. I have been living out of a suitcase in different hotel rooms. Writing blogs have been put off due to lack of computer, time, organization . . . excuse, excuse . . .
So I have returned to the old country. Here at home the dryer is now broken, the printer refuses to speak to my computer, and to top it off the over-worked dish washer has finally gone the way of all the world. Today I am rescuing the old, faithful dishwasher for dirty dishes and doing them by hand. The counter is full of them, spread out to dry.

The love of my life reminded me of the word procrastination when I tearfully emptied my heart to him, feeling all sorry for myself yesterday. Oh, such a negative word, but one that rings true now and again, especially on days crammed with unfinished projects, broken machines, and too many things on the to-do lists.

I must admit that there are days when the chores and obligations are overwhelming that I feel like putting them all in a box and shipping them off to Timbuktu. But fortunately Arnfinn is good at pushing me in the right direction.

I know I always write pretty words about how beautiful spring is, but this time of year also means hours of gardening and cleaning up. Monday we worked together in the garden all day. Working together to get things in order is bonding, pleasant and fulfilling.

So, Heidi, up and jump. Projects are not living, walking, breathing things. You have to take hold of them, work with them, and often, carry them along. But so much happier I will be at the end of the day.

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