Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wonder Woman and Me

I came across this word of wisdom on Facebook this morning:

I'm not saying I am Wonder Woman, I'm just saying that no one has even seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room.

Remember Wonder Woman? That warrior princess of the Amazons, a fictional character with tight-fitting and colorful clothes who could fix any problem. I used to watch the TV series starring Lynda Carter.

When I had young children, I worked at home. One of my jobs was as a designer of cross-stitch patterns for magazines. I did that for 16 years. One time I made a design that said: Supermom, I have no choice.
I thought it was funny and true.

So many parents are superparents. They care for their children and would climb Mount Everest for them. They teach, help, support, and love those little ones that come into their home and when the children grow up, the parents never cease to care for their well being or pray for their safety.

It's interesting and wonderful that one of the Ten Commandments tells us to love our parents. It goes around in circles, doesn't it? If we show our children that we love our parents, our children will come to us for advice and understanding too.

I am in the middle of these two thoughts. I had good parents and I have children who are good to me.
But Wonder Woman? Some days are better than others, but it is possible to be Wonder Woman in many ways. I would never walk around our little town with her flamboyant gym outfit, but I can take time to care for others around me.
A description of Wonder Woman says that she has the ability to feel compassion and give love without discrimination. I would like this to be one of my goal for next year.
Wonder Woman? Yes, it's possible. Work on being a good woman? Definitely!

Today's water color is a fairy's autumn play. It would be possible to do this in the woods here by the Duck and Cherry today, the wind is howling around the tree tops.


  1. Jeg synes du er en skikkelig Wonder Woman!

  2. Takk. Du er en god søster å ha, spesielt når du sier sånne ting....