Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All is well with little children who pass away

A sweet friend of mine has eight children. Seven are grown-up and thriving here on earth as part of their family, joining in on family traditions and gatherings.
But the first little boy was so pure and special, he did not need an earth life to prove what he could do or show himself worthy to return to his Heavenly Father.

My friend is a poetess. She writes poems and stories that are so sweet and often deep - they make me see what she is describing and bring me to imaginary places.

Yesterday she sent me a poem and a story about her little boy's journey. I asked her if I could post the first part here.


Ferryman, ferryman
Bring me over
To the other side
Where the tall trees are growing
Where the seagulls cry
And the cold winds are blowing.

See me through.

Pick me a stick
And a word in time
A warm coat
And a verse and a rhyme.
A warm knitted hat
With brown little squirrels around the brim
Eager to leap on a happy whim.
Leave me a vessel
That floats and rocks
And several nuts in a little box.

Away I go
Over seas and trees.
Just grant me some pluck
And wish me luck.

I personally believe that little children who pass away before they are accountable are redeemed. God knows who they are and loves them.

Today's water color depicts a little fairy asleep in a bird's nest.

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